Rates, Billing & Service Information

Residential Minimum Monthly Utility Bill per Equivalent Dwelling Unit

Water: $29.33
Sewer: $6.00
RST: $17.85
Rubbish: $23.45
Total: $76.63

Water usage in excess of this minimum amount will be billed on the tiered escalating schedule below:

1 to 5 Units of Water delivered at: $1.12 per Unit
6 to 12 Units of Water delivered at: $1.43 per Unit
13 to 20 Units of Water delivered at: $1.74 per Unit
21 to 29 Units of Water delivered at: $2.03 per Unit
30 and Greater Units of Water delivered at: $2.53 per Unit

1 Unit = 100 Cubic feet = 748 Gallons

Water Rate Comparison

The Sewer and RST (Regional Sewage Treatment) charges cover the maintenance, operation and treatment of District wastewater collection facilities. This is a fixed charge per billing cycle and, consequently, is not pro-rated.