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Rates, Billing & Service Information

Residential Minimum Monthly Utility Bill per Equivalent Dwelling Unit

Water:    $39.97
Sewer:    $29.55
Rubbish: $37.35
Total:     $106.87

Residential water usage in excess of this minimum amount will be billed on the tiered escalating schedule below:

1 to 13 Units of Water delivered at: $2.37 per Unit
14 to 24 Units of Water delivered at: $2.41 per Unit
25 and Greater Units of Water delivered at: $2.60 per Unit

1 Unit = 100 Cubic feet = 748 Gallons

Click the Link Below for Residential and Commercial Multi-Year Water Rate Schedule.

Water Rates Multi Year Website July 2021 thru 2024.pdf


Water Rate Comparison

Water Rate Comparison 2021 Adopted Rates.pdf
Average Monthly Water Bill Based on 19 HCF. 1 HCF equals 748 gallons
Wastewater Rate Comparison Chart Board As of December 20.pdf

Wastewater Rate Comparison

Wastewater Rate Comparison

The Sewer and RST (Regional Sewage Treatment) charges cover the maintenance, operation and treatment of District wastewater collection facilities. This is a fixed charge per billing cycle.

Wastewater Rates 2020_2021 Website.pdf