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About The District

On December 2, 1952, Rubidoux Community Services District (District) held its initial Board meeting thus becoming California’s first Community Services District. The Board members were Mr. George Skotty (Chairman), Mr. Cecil Coffey (Director), and Mr. George Dawson (Director). Meeting days were held on the first and third Thursdays of the month at Mr. George Skotty’s Store at 5428 Mission Boulevard.

Initially, the 4,000 citizens of the Western Riverside area, as it was commonly referred to, empowered the District with the purpose of planning, financing, and constructing a Wastewater Treatment Plant for their community. However, through a General Election held on June 5, 1956, the Rubidoux Community authorized vital water supply and fire protection services as a permanent responsibility of the District. Along with the District’s increased community responsibilities to provide water, sewer and fire services, the Board membership also expanded from a three to a five member Board. The District was well on its way in providing essential services to a growing community.

Presently, the District continues to provide water, wastewater and fire protection services to a community that has grown from 4,000 to over 26,000.

Expanded services included trash collection and disposal, street lighting, weed abatement and fire prevention programs. As the community needs have grown over the years, so has the District’s service responsibilities.

The District Board meetings are currently held at its administration office, located at 3590 Rubidoux Blvd. The meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of each month beginning at 4:00 PM and are open to the public.

The District’s water supply and distribution system can provide a thirsty community with over 8.0 million gallons a day of potable water. The construction of a manganese removal plant and a nitrate treatment plant has afforded the District the opportunity to provide the community with water from existing groundwater supplies. The District delivers 2.0 million gallons a day to the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant located in the City of Riverside, and the District’s Fire Department is trained in suppressing municipal, industrial and wild area fires.

Hours and Location

Rubidoux Community Services District office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Our office is located at 3590 Rubidoux Blvd, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509

Phone: 951.684.7580
Fax: 951.369.4061