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Water Supply Sources

Reliable, safe and pure drinking water is important.  To make sure the highest quality of water is provided to our customers, the Rubidoux Community Services District continuously invests and enhances our water infrastructure ot provide the community with a long-term and sustainable water supply.

RCSD delivers about 2.4 billion gallons of drinking water each year.  Over the past decade, the customers of the District consumed about 100 gallons per person per day.

All of our drinking water supply comes from local groundwater sources.

Proactive steps taken by the District to protect and conserve our resources have been based on the concepts that: (1) resources are not limitless and therefore need to be conserved, nurtured and renewed; and (2) resources that are used to generate short-term gains result in an inefficient and inequitable consumption of resources that are not beneficial for a long-term strategy.  Both of these concepts help to guide the District to make decisions that are conservative, careful and conscious of the role we currently play in a long-term strategy to protect the community.