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Water Master Plan and Wastewater Master Plans - May 2022

The District updates on a regular basis its Water Master Plan and Wastewater Master Plans. These Master Plans are based on the best known information at the time they were prepared considering proposed development within the District’s Boundary and Area of Influence which are areas proposed to be annexed to be within the District. These Master Plans represent the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) and their value in 2021 dollars in order for the District to meet system demand for water and sewer capacity to complete system build out. Values shown are currently being evaluated to keep up to date with current construction costs and are subject to change by Fall 2024. These CIP costs are used to determine Connection and Capacity Fees for new construction projects to join into the District’s Water and Sewer Systems.”

RCSD WMP May 2022.pdf

Water Master Plan


Wastewater Master Plan

RCSD WWMP - May 5 2022.pdf