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Pretreatment is a process in which certain dischargers are monitored and required to use proven pollution control techniques to remove pollutants from their sewage before discharging into the sewer collection system.

Wastewater discharged by industries or commercial facilities is more challenging to treat than residential sewage.  It can contain harmful or toxic substances that can't be removed by the normal sewer treatment process.  To make sure these chemicals do not interfere with the operation of the treatment plant or pass through the system untreated, the Rubidoux Community Services District implemented a Pretreatment Program.

Please click on the link below to view the District's Wastewater Discharge Ordinance.

RCSD Ordinance No. 105 - Regulations for Wastewater into the Sewer System.pdfResolution No. 2023-908 Regulations for Nondomestic Wasterwater Fees.pdfRestaurant Survey-Fillable.pdf