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Fire Safety and Weed Abatement

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Rubidoux Community Services District provides not only water, wastewater and trash collection services, but also streetlighting, weed abatement and fire protection services.

While the District owns and operates the Fire Station No. 38 at the corner of Avalon and Mission Blvd., fire protection service is provided through a contract with the Riverside County Fire Department. Services include fire suppression, medical responses, weed abatement and business inspections (for compliance with fire codes). Monthly, Fire Station No. 38 responds to an average of 250 calls.

Report on Conditions - September 14, 2022

Report on Conditions - August 24, 2022

Report on Conditions - July 13, 2022

Report on Conditions - June 29, 2022

A Message from CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department

As we enter the 2022 fire season, we are experiencing a significant drought condition.  We need to be prepared for a significant fire season in 2022".

"All residents need to maintain their Defensible Space around their homes."  See below link for very useful information.

Link to Riverside County Fire Department: