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Capital Improvement Projects

Construction of the New Goldenwest 6 MG Water Storage Tank

Scope: This project involves the design and construction of a new 6 million gallon water storage tank in the District’s Atkinson (1066 HGL) pressure zone. Site design will incorporate the planting of trees and shrubs to help camouflagethe Tank from view. The site will also be designed to allow for the future construction of a water booster station to pump into the District’s Hunter (1238 HGL) pressure zone. The construction of this tank will allow the District to pump more water in the evenings enabling us to take advantage of lower “off-peak” water pumping rates offered by So Cal Edison.

Area: All of the District’s water service area.

Schedule: Construction to begin October, 2022.

Cost: $2.76 million has been budgeted for the design and construction of the new Goldenwest 6MG water storage tank. Funding will be paid through District’s Water Restricted Capital fund.